​​Maryland Corps/Service Year Option Prospective Host Site Partners: Fact Sheet

Become a Host Site Partner​

Final Deadline: May 1st, 2024. Applications submitted after 11:59 PM on May 1st, 2024 will be added to the waitlist and considered on a case-by-case basis.​

What is the Maryland Corps/Service Year Option?

The Service Year Option program provides recent Maryland high school graduates, GED recipients, or those who have earned a high school completion certificate the opportunity to spend at least nine months with partnering organizations that support their growth and development. In turn, the opportunities provided strengthen Maryland’s workforce and expand the state’s employment. The Maryland Corps program shares those same goals and aims to recruit more seasoned individuals looking to pivot in their career or reenter the workforce. 

What Type of Organization Can Partner with Maryland Corps and the Service Year Option

Maryland Corps/Service Year Option Host Site Partners are nonprofits, government agencies, or businesses of all sizes and industries. We seek to develop a cohort of Host Site Partners that is diverse and representative of the State of Maryland. The common denominator among all successful Host Site Partners is a commitment to Partnership with our Department, and to supporting our Members.

What Does a Partnership Look Like?

  • Hosting 2-5 Members from September 2024 to June-July 2025.
  • Providing meaningful work, ongoing supervision for the participants including on-site professional development, job training, and mentoring.
  • Provide healthcare and other fringe benefits as well as wrap around services that may include childcare, transportation, housing, behavioral/mental health support, crisis intervention, substance abuse prevention or treatment, legal aid assistance, financial literacy skills, job employment and college application support. 
  • Support required professional development activities for members, including online education, progress monitoring and regular in-person meetings. 
  • Committing to strengthen the talent pipeline into high-demand jobs, state and local government positions, and to ll present and future employment needs in Maryland.

What Does DSCI Need from Partners?

Partners share the commitment to develop and support the talent needed for Maryland’s future. After 9-10 months of service with your organization, the supervision and mentorship has allowed  members to develop skills that will enable them to successfully make the transition from the program to employment or an institution of higher education, toward vocational certificates, associate degrees or bachelor’s degrees.

Maryland Corps/Service Year Option Program Participant Benefits:

  • Earn at least $15 an hour
  • Develop as Professionals
  • Receive Support
  • Earn Money for School for Future Plans
Important Dates
  • ​​Program Begins: Sept.11, 2024
  • Program Concludes: June-July 2025
  • If selected, participate in virtual matching process with Maryland Corps participants beginning Spring 2024.

Does Partnership Come with a Cost?

Cost-sharing is a goal of the Maryland Corps/Service Year Option program. All organizations, regardless of size may participate; however below are the cost-sharing goals, for: 

  • Small Organizations (fewer than 50 FTEs): DSCI may cover full cost of Member salary and the $6,000 completion award 
  • ​Large organizations (50 or more FTEs): DSCI may cover cost of Member salary, but there is a mandatory $12,500 contribution per Member​. If a large organization hosts more than 3 members, the fee is reduced per member to $10,000 per member.​
  • Organizations of all sizes will be asked to provide an employee health benefits package to Members, though assistance can be applied for!

​​For more information contact dsci.gov@maryland.gov​​